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Bruce Munro at Salisbury Cathedral

Artist Bruce Munro at Salisbury Cathedral with great new installation from 14 November 2014 through to 4 February 2015. Star of Bethlehem is a new concept piece using projected light onto the Cathedral’s famous ‘living water’ font.

Star of Bethlehem is a literal and visual abstraction of the text from the New Testament, Matthew 2:1-12, telling the story of the wise men following a star to find baby Jesus, the Messiah, translated into Morse code and communicated through a series of dots and dashes, or short and longer pulses of light. This animation of radiating lines of light is projected onto the still water of the font – it grows to its fullest extent in 2 minutes 20 seconds and remains at its full extent for 70 minutes, while the biblical text scrolls along each point of the star. It is best viewed after 4.00pm when the light outside is fading.

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November 14th, 2014

Salisbury Cathedral
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